Davis Remmel


My primary goal is to discover as much as possible about the Universe, by tearing it apart and building (often computational) models. Sometimes, I write about my findings in Posts and Projects. Other writings can be found in Letters. I am an enthusiastic proponent of Free Software: one can't have a free society without it. I support Bernie Sanders; please vote with me to elect him as President and put honest people in positions of power.

I like to see a site as simple as can be:
few images or styling, just plain old text posts, please.

Computing drives my inspiration, philosophical and spiritual beliefs. Currently, I hack in Smalltalk and Python in my private life, but I'm a capable programmer in lots of ALGOL-like languages, as well as document markup languages. My favorite languages are those which recurse and reflect, because I find their symmetries and semantics simple, and therefore beautiful.

I live in Milwaukee, WI, trying to envision my ideal reality, identifying the differences, and nudging the present direction here and there. Currently I am pursuing passion projects and my own ambitions after quitting my prevous job. Please take a look at my freelance services currently offered. I used to work as the Vice President of Engineering at a data center services company. They were nice enough to give me some autonomy, although the real work I want to perform is the kind of research that takes 8 years of thinking, without any interest in making products or profits. These kind of research dollars have mostly dried up, plus the cost of entering academia is prohibitively high.

I manage to get by with an industrial workbench in my living room and a CNC mill behind my couch, dreaming of access to sophisticated equipment and larger spaces.


Please send mail to d@visr.me. My public key's fingerprint is 07DA 3404 774D AB37 130B EA84 4DAF F3F0 C0EB 75B6 (find the key through a third-party).

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