Welcome to the personal website of Davis Remmel. I often update this site with interesting stuff, so please look around.

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I am not a member of LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, or any corporate social media. This site is the location where one can find information about me, without agreeing to bogus terms of service.



My primary goal is to discover as much as possible about the Universe, imitating it with computational models. Some of my findings have been documented in Projects. Miscellaneous and old writings are uploaded to Posts. Interesting documents and FOIAs can be found in Letters.

I am an enthusiastic proponent of Free Software: one can't have a free society without it. I've supported Bernie Sanders and Howie Hawkins; please vote with me to elect people like them as President and put honest people in power. Knowing how wrong this world is breaks me into tears, but so does the grandeur of Nature.

Computing drives my inspiration, philosophical and spiritual beliefs. Currently hacking in Smalltalk and Python, I am a capable programmer in lots of languages. My favorites are those which recurse and reflect, because I find their symmetries and semantics simple, and therefore beautiful.

I live in Boston, MA, trying to envision my ideal reality, identifying the differences, and nudging the present direction here and there. Under prior employ, I was the VP of Engineering for an infrastructure-as-a-service company. Although they were nice enough to give me some autonomy, the real work I want to perform is the kind of research that takes 8 years of thinking, without any interest in making products or profits. These kind of research dollars have mostly dried up, plus the cost of entering academia is prohibitively high, so for now I am pursuing projects in my own ambitions and curiosities.

I manage to get by with an industrial workbench in my living room and a CNC mill behind my couch, dreaming of access to sophisticated equipment and larger spaces.

Supporting My Work

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Please send mail to d@visr.me. My public key's fingerprint is 07DA 3404 774D AB37 130B EA84 4DAF F3F0 C0EB 75B6 (but do verify this yourself).


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