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D3vie was an interactive data manipulator and visualizer built when I worked at Misix. Written in HTML/JS/SVG/CSS, it is one of the programs I am most proud of, comprising of years of my life. Although the "product" failed, I learned so many valuable lessons about software by making it.



At one time, the entire D3vie program was written in JavaScript. At other times, efforts were made to bring it online to many users, and that client app disintegrated when I wrote an API for data transfer between the new-client and new-server. The structure of the program was a modified-MVC, adding Services, and was as follows:

Third-Party Development

I designed D3vie in an object-oriented, modular way. So, it is easy to make new visualizations (charts) and blocks (functions). Here is a link to a sample: the Template API, which is the basic way one codes a new chart. This Template API object is given to all Template instances, which are able to make use of the functions exported at the bottom of the clojure.

Development screenshots


This was when it was strictly a visualization tool, without a graph editor.


Later, I programmed this editor in SVG.


Eventually, I integrated them together. Claire came up with this design, which was brutal to implement because it captured both a screenshot of the visualization, but also a fade/sweep-up/zoom animation that transitioned between the menu screen and canvas screen.

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