reMarkable Connection Utility (RCU)

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RCU provides all-in-one offline management of the reMarkable e-paper tablet(s). It ensures the user's data is never out of their control, completely unshackled from the manufacturer's proprietary cloud.

Check out the manual to see how it works. Check out these rendering samples to see the quality of exported drawings (rM screenshot on the left, RCU export on the right).


For detailed compatibility information, please refer to the Release Notes appendix in the User Manual.

RCU is supported under the following operating systems, but more have been reported by users to work.


I have not damaged my tablet from this software or encountered any accidental data loss, nor have any users reported issues like this.

With this software you have rights. You can use RCU for any purpose. You may copy and share RCU to whomever you wish. You can study its source code. And, you can make changes to RCU and give your version to others. This is called free software: not free as in price, but free as in freedom.

Customers will receive the executable RCU program (for every OS) with manual, updates and support for 1 year from the purchase date, priority email to the author (that's me), and complete source code. This software is sold as-is, without warranty.

The cost is $12 USD. Click the button below to use PayPal's secure checkout. Upon payment, you will be redirected to the secure download page. Thank you.

Alternative payments may be accepted. Please discuss this with me by email.

If you purchased RCU and have not received a welcome email within 24 hours, please check if your initials and hashed email address are on this list.


Low-level backups

Take and restore low-level backups which can be used to restore a bricked device. Backups may also be used to revert the device to an earlier snapshot. With Full-level backups, users may restore any of the following: the full system, only the OS, only the user's data, or only the bootloader.

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Screenshots of the tablet may be saved as PNG images.

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Custom ink, annotations

Export PDFs with custom ink colors, and real PDF highlight annotations and layers.

Export options Custom ink colors

Notebook management

Upload and download full notebook archives from the tablet. Archives include any custom templates used in the notebook, and are exact replicas which may be restored at any time, to any reMarkable.

PDFs and Epubs may be uploaded, or they may be exported as the original documents, or rendered with annotations.

RCU exports PDFs in two types: high-quality bitmaps, suitable for printing, and vectors useful for editing later in other software. RCU exports PDFs faster than the reMarkable itself, because the documents are rendered on the PC. It also will transfer documents too large for the reMarkable web UI (>200 MB).

RCU exports documents with higher fidelity, and lower file sizes, than the reMarkable.

Screenshot of Notebooks Pane

Template management

Templates may be uploaded and downloaded from the device. RCU templates use the RMT filetype, which is vector-based and future-proof. This file format is defined in the manual.

Screenshot of Templates Pane


Set custom wallpaper for Suspend and Poweroff screens, or revert them back to the originals.

Screenshot of Wallpaper Pane


Install and uninstall third-party software to the reMarkable for deep customization.

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Care was taken to prevent data-loss scenarios. RCU will warn the user if the situation becomes unsupported, but it won't restrict the user from doing what they want.

Screenshot of an incompatible version of Xochitl

"Why should I buy RCU?"

"What about the official app?"

"What about eInkPads?"


RCU is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This software is sold as-is, without warranty. However, I do have a personal interest in making sure each customer is satisfied, so please email me for support if you have a problem (details are in the manual).

reMarkable® is a registered trademark of reMarkable AS. RCU is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, reMarkable AS. The use of "reMarkable" in this work refers to the company‚Äôs e-paper tablet product(s).

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