My Volt

The Volt is parked

In September 2015, I was walking on trails with a friend. During the afternoon we walked through a church's parking lot, and it was disgusting. People were everywhere and didn't care about maintaining their surroundings. The smog was thick enough to choke on, and we were in the middle of rural wilderness! I was already interested in electric vehicles. I got excited on the road when I would see one, which was rare. So disgusted, and so excited, I bought a 2013 Volt the following February. It is one of the posessions which I get most pleasure from, especially with its unique propulsion system.

It is a lovely pearl color with beige interior, and has very nice speakers. I bought it in the February of 2016 and plan to drive it for a long time to come. Part of the process of ownership has been to customize it. Below, please find a list of modificaitions I've made.

In April 2018 somebody crashed into it, but after two months in the shop it cleaned up well. It got a completely new brake system and it has performed well since.


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