My friend Lucas and I are silly, and one of the things we do for fun is shoot video. We are currently shooting a short called, "Goatman." It is a mix of many genres, but it could be described as a pseudomontage-romantic-comedy-thriller. The idea for this movie is constantly evolving, and so are our methods. For the past few years, we've been shooting this as-we-can, and we are almost done with a rough draft version. Some scenes need to be re-shot. We only have a plan in our head--we have barely drawn scenes, or authored dialogue. This is purely a for-fun project.

A still from the
        movieOnce the movie is finished, we plan to put it online. We say to each other that we'll try to get it in some festivals, but I think those movies try to be good, whereas Goatman tries to be itself: a filthy goat man, how one man was searching for him, and how each of them found something unexpected.

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