Art Things

This is where I display some of my artsier projects.

Coffee Low Poly (2013)

Coffee Low Poly

Download the .blend file

Low poly artifacts (2013)

Low poly artifacts

The only record of this was from an old screenshot of Facebook.

Moon (2013)


Download the .blend file and .xcf file

Terminal Catan (2015)

Terminal Catan

This was only a mock-up.

Duq Rendering (2015)


I was going for an 8-bit aesthetic in this desktop background made to honor the servers we bought and named after ducks.

Cubes Art (2017)

I made this (accidentally) when I was writing the line-drawing portion of a 3D renderer.

Fractals (2018)


Opt-Out of TSA Shirt (2018)

Opt-out of TSA

This is a shirt I had printed strictly for wear through airport security.

New York Street (2019)

New York Street

Get Outta Here (2020)

Get Outta Here

A protest sign made for the January 14 protest of Trump

Not My Cheat-o (2020)

Not My Cheat-o

Another protest sign

Bernie card (2020)

Bernie card

Just an excuse to play with colored pencils

Peter's Annual Ale Label (2020)

Peter's label

"This is homebrew." Download the SVG

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