I have versatile talents, and offer the following services to clients in the Milwaukee area. Please email me for service-related inquires. Prices are negotiable.

C-41 and E-6 Film Development

Negative and slide film development of 135 (35mm) or 120/220; cut to the size of customer's choosing

135 (35mm) Film Scanning

Scanning of up-to six-frames-long film strips; two sets of images are delivered, one of the raw 16-bit by four-channel (RGB+Infrared) raw images, and another processed set that is inverted and color-corrected. Customer may request multi-pass scanning for extra cost.

CNC Machining

Machining of waxes, plastics, woods, or light metals; volume may be up to 9x11x5". CNC machine is medium-duty, using ball screws, with a repeatability of 0.0004".

Computer Programming

Custom programming in a variety of languages and applications. I have experience in:

Electronic Hardware Design/Prototyping/Soldering

Light-duty designs often incorporating microcontrollers or commonly-accessible ICs. Some high-power applications are possible (by using relays). Services may include whole gamut of prototyping work, all the way through final assembly.

Book Scanning

Convert paperback or hardcover books (Legal-size or below) to pristine PDF copies. Destruction of the physical book is necessary for the best quality. Output is in PDF or DejaVu-format with table of contents, OCR, and page re-compositing (straighten, re-align margins, despeckle).

Audio and Data CD/DVD/BluRay Ripping

Bulk optical-disc ripping for nearly all formats; includes breaking DRM. Discs are first cleaned by hand, then processed with a servo-controlled robot. Discs are returned in the order given, and data is available as the customer requests. Audio CDs are ripped as BIN/CUE files, alongside FLACs; other formats are available upon request. DVDs are ripped into .ISO files, but may also be converted into different media types. BluRays are ripped into data folders containing all video tracks and menus.

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