Cookies and Capacitors

So I Bought a Server

Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 12:36AM

Sitting in the middle of my otherwise-lackluster apartment is an 800lb beast. You know it means business when the computer is louder than the box fan on max.

It can run up to 96 virtualized cores and uses 192GB ram, we can do some really cool shit (by we, I mean Claire – we went halfsies on it).

We spent the past couple days setting it up, seeing what worked and what didn’t. In the end, we had ESXi installed on all of them, but I’m really not a fan of paying for things, so I’m installing FreeBSD on all of them (currently chugging through node two of four).

A few years ago, I did a low-poly Blender scene. After I get the OS installed on all the nodes, I want to do some raytracing. I don’t think I’ve used Blender since then, actually.