Cookies and Capacitors

Less than a month

Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 6:13AM

At the moment, I’m comfortably tucked beneath a heated blanket while the snow gods punish my small Wisconsin town. Not for long, though, as I’m moving in less than a month. Allow me to say that, once more, to really pound it in.

I’m moving in less than a month. (That was for my own benefit.)

Has it already been two months since I posted that “97 days” article? It doesn’t seem real; it seems as though someone manually turned the clock hands forward.

Accompanying this timelessness is something I haven’t felt since I left home last January – one I can only verbalize as, “what the fuck am I about to do?”

This is a big leap. A really long leap. A two-thousand mile leap.

I’m not worried, although I am a bit exhilarated knowing that my plane ticket has been bought, arrangements have been made, and in less than thirty days I’ll be in a completely different environment for longer than I have ever left home, ever. Although I didn’t go to college, I can only imagine this experience is what they felt as freshmen living in dorms.

Am I ready? Does that matter?