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How I became acne-free in six months by living healthier (and with a little help from apple cider vinegar)

Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 12:01AM

Only half a year ago, my forehead was plastered with pimples. Throughout high school (2007-2011), I lived happily with a pizza face. Some weeks were better than others, but none could be classified as good, or even decent, complexion. For the most part, I never let it affect me. To be quite honest, I never thought much of it; emotionally, it didn’t hinder me. I was quite social, and nobody ever said anything.

Physically, though, it hurt quite a bit. Even though I never saw a dermatologist, it was quite clear that my acne was cystic: anyone with this type knows how painful a burst pimple can be. Although I tried getting rid of it through soaps, lotions and masks, nothing worked. If anything, those products aggravated my acne.

It’s important to note that I’ve never been a healthy fellow. Always a finicky eater, my height was tall but weight low, giving me a slender structure. That’s why, on my nineteenth birthday, I decided to better my lifestyle. My motivation wasn’t to rid myself of acne (it didn’t affect me much) but instead to become muscular, fit, and healthy.

Without further ado, I present my technique.

After all these things, most of my acne disappeared. Still, a few pimples persisted, which leads me to my final point.

I still have mild scarring from all those years with acne, but I’m sure those will go away with time.

My acne was mostly a symptom to my bad habits. By changing the way I live my complexion has never been clearer, or my spirits livelier! Not to mention all the health benefits (short-term and long-term) that go along with living healthy.

PS: Don’t forget, this has a sample size of one, so your milage may vary. Just remember that living healthier has no drawbacks.