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Last night of Rocky Horror

Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 3:50PM

Rocky Horror holds a place in many’s hearts, serving as a midnight destination for slutty entertainment. Virgins never forget their first time attending. However, at this point, I’m anything but a Rocky Horror virgin.

I’ve been to the Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee so many times that everyone knows my name, and I’ve lost count of the shows I’ve seen. The show, which I once saw with awe and amazement, has turned into a dreadfully repetitive and annoyingly loud source of cheap fun. Last night, the show gave me the worst headache; it brought sane thought to an abrupt stop and made me nauseous.

By the end of the show, my head was pounding. We ducked into the ‘tradition’ diner down the street to escape the madness. Ann and I ordered some hot chocolate, but it flowed with the viscosity of hot Hershey’s syrup (and tasted rich like that, too). At least the whipped cream was good; the waitress even put a sprinkle of cinnamon on mine.

Sigh, I was hoping my last night would have been more fun. At least, now, I can finally put the eye-liner down.