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Reporting in on ADB

Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 2:58AM

Success! Well, enough non-failure to call things a success! This image sums up what I’ve been able to do, thus far. After sending a TALK command to the ADB mouse, I’m getting this data back from register three. This data should be device identification information. According to the Guide to Macintosh Family Hardware (on page 322), the first byte of returned data is the device handler ID: I received 01110110 (the first bit in the picture is the start bit, which is always 1, so it’s ignored). I have yet to verify if this is correct, but I believe it to be since the remaining data is nothing but zeros.

The read timing (listening for the mouse to send data back) isn’t always precise, but when you do enough trials, this awesome (averaged-by-sight) images occurs.