Cookies and Capacitors

Scanning film

Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 7:56PM

Well, I’m about 1,000 frames into a 10,000-frame project. Every analog photo under this roof is being digitized and cleaned up.

But, why would I go through all of this trouble for photos I wouldn’t have ever looked at anyway? Well, to answer that, I must ask myself why I’d have never looked at them. For starters, they’re on film. How is that really accessible? It’s not. Secondly, the finished result would make for a very happy mother on Mother’s Day (even though it’s an invented holiday, it brings a lot of joy). Third, and probably most importantly of all, is data preservation. What would happen if a fire destroyed this house? Those flimsy plastic strips would melt like ice cream on Venus. Scattering them around the world on Amazon S3 servers is a much better idea, than to keep them all together, waiting for imminent death.

When all of this is done, I’d like to make a “docu-slideshow” to put up on my site, in place of my self portrait. That should bring a bit of color to the page, as well. When everything is scanned, cleaned up, and processed, I can sleep soundly.