Cookies and Capacitors

What's with the changes?

Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 7:49PM

Well, since you asked, I’m becoming more energy efficient. In order to do that, I’ve made one BIG change.

No longer is or being hosted on my mega-honkin' server. It was cool to have, but it was undisputedly overkill for two small personal sites. Instead, this site is being hosted on a PogoPlug (a plug computer). It’s small (size of a stack of CDs), silent, and only consumes 4 watts of power. My old server is huge (large tower), noisy (3 120mm fans are installed to keep things cool) and consumes, on average, 300-400 watts – overkill, for sure.

When I cut the umbilical cord on my old server, my room fell (almost) completely silent. I had gotten used to the server’s noise…I was able to hear my laptop’s hard drive spinning once it shut down! Wow, that’s something.

If we assume a kilowatt of energy costs 15 cents, let’s see how much money I’m saving in energy costs. The large server costs 0.15/kW * .35kW * 24 hours * 31 days = $39.06 for a month of operation! My little PogoPlug costs 0.15/kW * .004kW * 24 hours * 31 days = $0.45! Umm…WHOA! Let me rephrase that…MEGAWHOA!

Along with new hardware, I’ve installed software to match. Now, the PogoPlug is running ArchLinux, Lighttpd and SQLite; very clean systems. MySQL, alone, ate hundreds of megabytes of RAM. SQLite resides on disk, so access times are longer, but that’s not a major concern since the boot disk is a USB flash drive. I’m going to see what I can do about copying my site files to /dev/shm (shared memory) later tonight, when I know nobody is going to be accessing our sites.

Oh, one more thing. WordPress is gone, because Chyrp is so much awesome-er. When caching is turned off, it only has 7 DB queries per page!