Cookies and Capacitors

Where it all went wrong

Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 7:31AM

I was planning on moving my server from an upstairs bedroom to a downstairs one for a while now. I thought it would be easy. I thought, like countless times before, it could be unplugged and relocated. I did not, however, think that my foot was going to slip on the basement staircase with the veracity of stepping on a banana peel.

Midway into the fifty-foot trip, my foot slipped, and the server flipped. The server flipped, and flipped, and flipped some more as it hurtled through the air on a collision-course for disaster. Concrete was awaiting below, dwelling at the lowest point like a bottom-feeder. The computer was in it’s sight, and the arms of gravity were too strong to let go.

Boom. Crash. Bang.

Like Charlie Harper in front of Le Métro de Paris, it exploded magnificently into a thousand pieces! But I didn’t hear it; my senses were muted by a shocking coma.

I slowly dragged myself to the scene. There was no chance of ANY component surviving this. None.

So, for the past few days, I’ve been working endlessly to get my data back, and a new server up and running. This was probably a bad time to experiment (using nginx instead of apache2) because it added a day or two extra to the downtime.

Dario, are you reading this? Even though you think is constraining, at least you don’t have the freedom to completely destroy your machines.