Cookies and Capacitors

An unexpected iPhone

Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 6:43PM

If someone were to ask me, “Davis, what are you going to be doing in 3 hours,” at 6am today, I would have told them one of two things: I would be sleeping, or I would be fixing my server.

An hour later, at 7am, I was still awake, and just finishing up my server configurations.

60 minutes after that, I was about to take a shower and go to sleep. Instead, though, I was offered to go grocery shopping. Suddenly, without hesitation, I sprang at the opportunity to visit a nearby Verizon store so I could see if my account was eligible for an upgrade.

What was I going to upgrade to? I had no idea, until I walked through the entrance, to the desk in the back, and demanded a white, 16GB, iPhone 4S. This purchase was, by far, the quickest impulse buy I’ve ever made!

So now I’m waiting for an iPhone to ship to my doorstep, without regret. If one would ask me what I’m going to be doing in 3 hours, I’d tell them, “Waiting for my iPhone!”

Let’s see how true that rings.