Cookies and Capacitors

A change in design

Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 12:51PM

I’ve changed my homepage design to reflect simplicity. For hours yesterday and last night, I was tirelessly coding the look in CSS3 and HTML5, in nano nonetheless, and perfected it. The look was elegant, and the code was elegant. However, 43% of my traffic comes from MSIE browsers. IE ate my beautiful page, blended it, and excreted the remains.

I ended up fixing it with 15 minutes in MS Word. Unfortunately, Helvetica didn’t automatically switch to Arial (or any other sans-serif typeface) so I had to use Arial by default. Yes, this takes away some elegance, but it still has the look I want.

Eventually, I’m going to delete the three columns and a.) put 3 interview-esque videos there instead, or b.) have one large video all about me. I’ll probably go with choice B.

EDIT: You know what? If you’re using IE, screw you! I don’t want you viewing my web page. (Changed back to HTML5+CSS3)