Cookies and Capacitors

Cure your nightmares with really nice bow ties

Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 5:24PM

Night after night, sweating unnaturally, you burst awake from a familiar nightmare. It always starts the same way: you’re reclined in that Lay-Z-Boy, browsing the web. Perhaps you’re using StumbleUpon, maybe you’re reading an excellent blog, such as Cookies and Capacitors; either way, you’re drawn to reading about my legendary bow ties.

You marvel at them. You desire them. You need one, if not a hundred.

Walking to the closest mirror as swiftly as possible, with a permanent marker in tow, you draw a voluptuous bow tie on your reflection, but that doesn’t satisfy you.

Briskly, you pace back to your computer to discover how to purchase one of these godly accessories. In clear and plain sight you find a “Store” link. The magical screen it serves you is unbelievable! Bow ties, in every color and style, handcrafted from the finest fabrics, are all listed and marked ‘in stock.’

Without hesitation, you add each tie you can see to your shopping cart. You never want to take your eyes off these impressing artifacts of style…until you ‘check out.’

Try as you might, but the solitary input devices don’t work. The page dissolves to black, then fire creeps from beneath your keys burning your fingers! Snakes crawl out of the shadows and painfully begin to suffocate you! If only you had a bow tie to protect your neck.

Gasping for air, you finally break free of your paralyzing anguish and wake up to, what is believed to be, reality. You aren’t sure if it was all a dream or not…

Fear no more! Stop the anguishing nightmares! Buy a bow tie (or several) NOW! Only available at