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The first thing we learned

Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 5:42PM

Think back to when we were born: what was the very first thing we learned as children? This thing, an idea, has been preached to us for the past two decades (if you’re a recent high school graduate like myself). It is the only thing that remains unchanged for our entire lives.

You may attempt to ponder what this idea is. It’s not a fact, more-so a truthiness strongly implied from birth: boys and girls are different.

This idea, that boys differ from girls, is a ‘fact’ of society. It is not a scientific fact, rather, many would call it a fact of life, if one lives their life as a societal slave.

Think of this: would boys and girls be different if society wouldn’t teach every boy that he is different from every girl? What if global societies actually taught men and women as equals, rather than beating around the bush with “equal rights movement” breath wasters? It doesn’t matter if society allows boys and girls to participate in the same activities, work, events, et cetera; when society teaches equal rights it also implies that men and women are different states of being, but if they force certain sacrifices on both fields they can both be deserving to perform the same tasks in society.

My contention on this issue is to stop the forced indoctrination and brainwashing of children to believe that men and women are different. Society, and the ideas it enforces, need to change. Boys and girls should never be thought of as different beings with different rights with different jobs with different behaviors.

I’m aware this dream is impossible. Billions have succumbed to this gender-difference, and the idea has been enforced by societies of all times and places since the dawn of modern humanity and the invention of society. It is, however, a dream that could advance humanity to inventing better societies: ones where discrimination is evident through scientifically-factual differences rather than the differences of a made-up group blindly following one another.