Cookies and Capacitors

To the University

Tue, May 24, 2011 at 11:49AM

I am different than my peers: my variance pertains to my life-skill aspirations rather than my desire for that fateful sheet of graduate parchment. Far too many of America’s students, composed mostly of sheep, strive for this “ultimate” goal; the piece of paper signifies a potentially lifelong-comfort in the workforce. However, unlike my uninformed peers, I do not desire a sheet of paper proving my qualifications, my success, for a specific goal; there is no satisfaction in that–there is no proven success.

Unlike my peers, I do not have to choose what I succeed at because, using their perspective, I succeed at everything. Personally, ultimate success is complete enlightenment. It is an abstract concept, but also an absolute goal. Those peers call me successful because I have achieved their goals, and they faithfully believe that my goals are the same as theirs. I do not see myself as successful, though, because more can be done–I can do better. I am never satisfied with a product or production because I can always nitpick to make it better. Given the tools to keep revising, I would never cease. Thus, once I realize that all knowledge cannot be obtained, I fail–that’s why all geniuses kill themselves–but that knowledge is enlightenment. My ultimate success is my ultimate failure.

Therefore, I have no desire to enter any college to work for any degree–they are worthless in my eyes and useless towards my ambitions. I do, however, understand that your profit originates from the blinding force you impose on the anti-me-s of America. Your existence would not be possible if not for your cerebrally-restrictive force on America’s youth.

Your ambitions, to enslave the empty-minded population, contradict the values I seek that push humanity, in all its knowledge past and present, forward. Soon, the variety of individuals most like myself, not the brainwashed, will vanquish your type.

You have brainwashed many, but not me; I am free–free of your craving, for dollars and young minds, free of your monopolistic tyranny encapsulating the sheep house, and free of your self-described “greatness” bestowed after paying your institution for information that can otherwise be found at no cost.

So why did I pour effort into this writing if you mean nothing to me? Because writing this does advance humanity forward. I am not a sheep like your customers, shall not be seduced by your “comfortability” packages, and I will not live knowing your powerful presence is influencing my peers' life choices. With this writing, I am bringing to light your destructive interference to my malleable peers. Sure, my peers may not know better than to trust you: our society dictates they shan’t think independently. Due to that particular influence, I do not blame them. We are all human, but you’re creating villains out of potential-geniuses. I am tampering your hold on the generics and making them individuals.

Perhaps, in time, you will stop encouraging generic-ism and start expanding the bounds of human thought instead of scraping, to the bone, the savings accounts of the willing.

For the sake of humanity, do better for the world by stopping the life-lasting manipulation of my generation.