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Experimenting with 3D

Sun, May 22, 2011 at 7:39PM

My final high school year is coming to a much-awaited end, which means projects, projects and more projects! Well, one of the projects I just completed was a 3D video Kenlei and I (with Kevin’s amazing cinematographic skills) produced for AP Physics.

Our physics-related topic we’re presenting is Polarized Light, chosen on the basis of my desire to create a 3D film (because I knew that’s how 3D movies worked, along with stereoscopy). Anyhoo, back to the point: we not only had fun creating these videos, but I also learned a boatload about 3D production (which may come in handy for future reference).

For your viewing pleasure, I am magnificently proud to present: Kenlei and Davis make an AP Physics masterpiece. Enjoy!