Davis' business card

I worked at Stack41 from July 2017 until December 2019. Ryan Brooks offered me a job as the Vice President of Engineering. I accepted, and wrote software encompassing the entire lifecycle of IoT (from procuring motherboards, to building a provisioning system, to writing all the bits that get PLC tags from a factory into our data center, Data Holdings.

Davis working in a data center

We worked in a house across the parking lot from the data center, with a few fibers going between.

Some software I have written is released here under the GPLv3.

I quit Stack41 in December of 2019 for many reasons, but one was because work used too much of my time. For years, I had collected lists of personal projects to do and hadn't enough time to work through them all. To reconcile this creative struggle, I quit, free to set the direction of my life.

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