Cookies and Capacitors

Always Be Connected

Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 11:19PM

Social media has only one rule for participation.

ABC. Always. Be. Connected.

Without connectivity, social media is useless. We must always be connected with our friends–with the world– otherwise we feel unconnected with society. It’s similar to the idea of one sheep jumping off a cliff and the rest of the herd following. Only instead of smashing ourselves like a watermelon on the sidewalk, we’re jumping off an anti-cliff where we’ll land in the cloud of information.

In today’s age, without social media, there really isn’t any other way to be connected. Our friends have migrated there, so we have too. But if we leave, our friends stay there. We become unconnected. I’m interested in seeing where this wave of new media brings us in relation to the classical model of socialization.