Cookies and Capacitors

Sickness and sociality

Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 7:51PM

Last night, I decided to fake sick in order to skip school today. However, when I woke up this morning I ironically became ill. It doesn’t surprise me, as my immature school has been flooded with a wave of bacteria spawning from the rivers of snot flowing out of most students. It has been a hellish day.

Why did I skip school? To avoid speaking with a junior girl who has taken a romantic interest in me. We have (well, not for long…) plans later tonight to watch the movie Titanic. She adores me much more than I do her. I know it would be wrong to lead her on or wrongfully use her, so I’m going to break off her crush before a closer relationship develops.

In fact, I am (for the most part) repulsed by her due to her personality. Behind her mildly-attractive visage is one of the most dissimilar personalities to my own I have yet encountered in the vast sea of students.

At 10:00PM, she insists upon calling me. “She must have something worth my time to talk about,” you may ask. She does not. Instead, my phone’s speaker is rarely active with words–conversational voids are filled with her “la la la”-ing into the microphone. All of this happens for nearly two hours. If she had something sustainable to speak about, perhaps a debatable idea (not an object, nor a comment, nor a story which lacks a link to the conversation), we could have a valuable discussion. Instead, I feel as though my time and cell phone minutes are wasted.

In addition to the pesky late-night phone calls, she has never spoken (what I consider) intelligently, in preference of saying things like, “that’s stupid,” or, “I agree.” She never has an opinion which could provide the subject for discussion. Really, a debate is the only thing that holds my interest.

Thirdly, we lack any commonality whatsoever. And when I say “lack,” I denote nothingness: the opposite of everything. Our psyches are drastically different and we don’t share interests. This, I hypothesize with acute accuracy, is the reason for our empty conversations.

Finally, I must agree with school rumors and the wise words of Cody Cowan, “she’s a skanky ‘ho!” That explains itself…

Anyway, I’m still sick on a Friday night with nothing else to do than write, listen to ‘80s pop music, and possibly watch a movie (anything but Titanic).